Associate Members

While the main purpose of the European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies is to serve as an umbrella organization for national and regional medical organizations, the EFNR also accepts individual membership applications from dedicated individuals who would like to either volunteer and participate in active research and the development of a strong international organization or who would like to simply support the common cause through their membership donation.

All interested medical professionals (active and passive) may submit their individual declaration of intent, including their CV and a letter of recommendation to our member committee for an initial review process. Candidates must clearly indicate why they would like to join the Federation and if they would like to eventually actively participate in the organization or would just remain in a more likely sponsoring capacity.

Forms of membership

Membership in the organization is divided in institutional, individual ordinary, extra ordinary and honorary members.

  1. Institutional members are juristic persons, organizations and societies working in the field of NeuroRehabilitation who wish to partner with the EFNR
  2. Individual members (active/ordinary) are those to be potentially involved in the day by day work of the organization
  3. Individual members (passive/ordinary) are those who support the work of the organization primarily by paying fees – they are free to become “more active” at any time.
  4. Extra ordinary or honorary members are organizations or persons who are appointed to this form of membership for their special achievements for the purposes of the organization or because of their legal status. This form of membership is granted by the general assembly through nomination by the executive board (presidium).

Membership benefits

  • Reduced registration fees for the ECNR (provided that EFNR membership 2017 is paid and approved by 1st July 2017)
  • Opportunity to submit artcilces for publication through, Europe’s largest peer-reviewed online platform in the field of NeuroRehabiliation
  • Exclusive option to participate at a reduced rate:
  • Free receipt of various electronic communications by the EFNR

Membership fees

Institutional fees: minimum of EUR 500,– per year
Individual membership fee: EUR 50,–
Medical student fee: EUR 10,–

All forms of memberships are confirmed by the membership committee and the executive board, based on the rules and regulations to be found in the Statues of the EFNR.