Statutory Committees

In order to allow for our international organization to diversify its specialized efforts and its numerous programs, several task forces have been put in place. Our committees and task forces consist of highly skilled teams of renowned specialists who volunteer their time and efforts with the intent to solve next generation problems.

Research Committee

Volker Hömberg, Chairman

Education Committee

Dafin Muresanu, Chairman

Patient Information Committee

Heinrich Binder, Chairman

Interdisciplinary Relations Committee (incl. member relations)

Alexander Geurts, Chairman

ECNR 2015 Organization

Presidents of the sponsoring organizing societies

EFNR: Giorgio Sandrini, Italy
DGNR: Claus Wallesch, Germany
OeGNR: Walter Oder, Austria

Programme Committee

Volker Hömberg – Bad Wimpfen, Germany (Chairman)
and EFNR Committee Members

Local Organizing Committee Vienna 2015

Heinrich Binder – Vienna, Austria (Chairman)
Susanne Asenbaum-Nan – Amstetten, Austria
Eduard Auff – Vienna, Austria
Fheodoroff Klemens – Hermagor, Austria
Matthias König – Kapfenberg, Austria
Hermann Moser – Altmünster, Austria
Walter Oder – Vienna, Austria
Werner Poewe – Innsbruck, Austria
Peter Schnider – Grimmenstein, Austria
Josef Spatt – Vienna, Austria
Bernhard Voller – Vienna, Austria