BlogInterviewsInterview with Prof. Michael Barnes – World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR) Vienna 2022

Interview with Prof. Michael Barnes – World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR) Vienna 2022

Michael Barnes

Interviewee: Professor Michael Barnes, Honorary Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation, University of Newcastle, U.K.

Interviewer: Stefana-Andrada Dobran

This interview with Professor Michael Barnes was taken on the occasion of the 12th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR), held in Vienna in December 2022.

Introducing Professor Michael Barnes, an Honorary Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation at the esteemed University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom. Notably, he holds a crucial position as the Chair of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS) in London, a not-for-profit organization committed to offering training, expert guidance, and peer support to pioneering clinicians administering life-changing medical cannabis treatments across the UK. In addition to his significant roles, he occupies a prominent position at NRC Medical Experts within the United Kingdom and serves as a Neurologist and Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant in the NHS.

Throughout the interview, the conversation delved into the evidence base for phytocannabinoid treatments, particularly exploring their efficacy in alleviating conditions such as pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. Prof. Barnes presented the wide array of available evidence while acknowledging the limitations in evaluating cannabis-related research, and addressed the lingering stigma surrounding cannabis in various countries.

Furthermore, the interview highlighted the importance of promoting awareness among patients and physicians regarding the potential use of medical cannabis, underscoring the necessity for clear and comprehensive clinical guidelines.

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