EFNR Courses

Our courses and educational programmes focus on direct patient approach.

Q. Our MDAWN sensors sometimes contain a very large number of files; Why?

A. Your sensors continue to collect data until they are plugged back into a live power supply or until they run out of charge, whichever comes first. If your MDAWNs have many files, it is likely that the sensor was left unplugged for a long time.

For best results, plug in your sensors each evening after removing, upload files with the MDAWN Uploader and allow to charge overnight.

Q. If a patient has an outside appointment or is very sick on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, do we provide feedback and perform the 10m assessment the next day, or is that day skipped?

A. We need one timed walk with sensors on each week, so that cannot be skipped. If the patient is unable to do it on a Wednesday, he/she can do it on Thursday. Please let us know about the change. It is acceptable if a subject misses one day of feedback as long as the subject gets at least 2 days of feedback that week.


The 2017 courses for Bucharest will be published here shortly.