The European Commission has invited European eHealth user and industry representatives to participate in an eHealth stakeholder group, which has been set up in early 2012. This group of representatives from umbrella organisations representing health professions and industry will contribute to the development of legislation or policy related to eHealth, by providing for example reports, opinions and relevant data.

The EFNR has been accepted as a member of the eHealth stakeholder group of the European Commission. The complete list of the selected stakeholders can be found here .

The European Commission launched a consultation on the eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) 2012-2020. This second eHealth Action Plan shall provide a longer term vision for eHealth in Europe.

The main topics to be addressed in this action plan are

  • Increase awareness of the benefits and opportunities of eHealth, and empower citizens, patients and healthcare professionals
  • Address issues currently impeding eHealth interoperability
  • Improve legal certainty for eHealth
  • Support innovation and research in eHealth and development of a competitive European and global market.

eHealth Governance Initative

The “eHealth Governance Initiative” is formed by the member states and led by the Austrian Health Ministry. It is in charge of following-up the Council Conclusion on eHealth of 1st December 2009 and will follow up the “European eHealth Interoperability Roadmap towards Sustainable Health”, initially developed by the Calliope Network. The aim is a better coordination of European and national initiatives in the area of eHealth.