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Interview with Dr. Dana Boering (EFNR Secretary General)

Dana Boering

Interviewee: Dr. Dana Boering

Interviewer: Doria Andreea Constantinescu


Dr Dana Boering is a highly trained neurologist with specializations in neurorehabilitation and neurophysiology. During her professional career, she has developed extensive scientific collaborations with prestigious universities like the University of Essen, the University of Düsseldorf in the field of plasticity after stroke. Since 2009, Dr Boering collaborates with the Coma Science Group in Liege, Belgium. Also, she currently serves as the Secretary General of the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies.

In 2022, Dr Boering had her 11th appearance as a speaker at the 12th Teaching Course of Neurorehabilitation.

Watch Dr Dana Boering’s interview at the 12th Teaching Course of Neurorehabilitation, held on September 2nd – 3rd 2022, in Eforie Nord, Romania.


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