BlogInterviewsInterview with Prof. Nirmal Surya – World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR) Vienna 2022

Interview with Prof. Nirmal Surya – World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR) Vienna 2022

Nirmal Surya

Interviewee: Professor Nirmal Surya, Neurologist at Bombay Hospital & Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, India

Interviewer: Doria Constantinescu

This interview with Professor Nirmal Surya was taken on the occasion of the 12th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR), held in Vienna in December 2022.

Professor Surya engaged in a comprehensive discussion concerning his involvement with the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR). He not only recounted his participation in previous congresses but also detailed his pivotal role in orchestrating the 2019 Mumbai World Congress on NeuroRehabilitation (WCNR).

During this dialogue, he highlighted the topics concerning the 2022 Congress, including neurotechnology, neurorehabilitation, emerging technological advancements, and the transformative impact of the post-COVID-19 era. Of particular emphasis was the overarching theme of the event, which revolved around future technologies.

Professor Nirmal Surya expounded on his visionary perspective regarding the significance of multidisciplinary events, outlining the substantial benefits that this format brings. Furthermore, he ventured into the realm of neurorehabilitation and educational initiatives within Asian countries, highlighting the existing disparities in contrast to the notable progress in the educational landscape of India over recent years.

Within this discourse, Professor Surya also delved into the pivotal role of communities in providing sustained follow-up care for individuals recovering from stroke, and detailed on the concept of family-based rehabilitation. Notably, he explored the pressing needs of the Indian medical system in the realm of stroke care, with a strong emphasis on the importance of multidisciplinary assessments in this context.

The conversation extended to the realm of Eastern practices, notably yoga, and their impact on managing epilepsy and other neurological conditions in a holistic approach. Lastly, Prof. Nirmal Surya provided his unique perspective on potential national strategies aimed at alleviating COVID-related anxiety in individuals with epilepsy. This underlined his comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to both medical challenges and societal well-being.

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